Builder Dashboard

UX/UI + Research

Builder Dashboard is a reporting dashboard for homebuilders and internal account managers to view and download data.

Project Type

Reporting Dashboard


We want to provide a self-serving dashboard for homebuilders and Zillow's account managers to view, configure and download data the way they want it.


We talked to account managers the sales analytics team to learn what reports they usually send to clients and what metrics builders are particularly interested in. We learned they were receiving excel sheets manually from the support team and customized it for communications with builders.

At Zillow, we already have a persona for homebuilders. But we want to learn more about user needs and expectations for this project. From the research, we learned:

  • Our users are people in the marketing department or a marketing person depending on the size of the builder.
  • Most of our users are familiar with Google Analytics and they are expecting to have similar experiences.
  • Some users want to receive raw data and manipulate it on their own. Some users rely on us to provide aggregated data, and they can easily make some selections and download or take screenshots.
  • Empathize & Define

    We created empathy maps for the 2 user types: account manager and marketer for builders, and also defined the two user types share the same task flow. The only difference is the permission level.


    The team got together, brainstorming possible solutions. We voted on the ones we liked. The core working group (PM, dev manager, and design) evaluated the selected ideas and boiled them down to possible solutions.

    Challenges & Solutions

    There are a massive amount of data users want to view, configure and download. The main challengers are:

  • The data needs to be presented in a way that's easy to digest and easy for users to compare metrics.
  • The data structure needs to follow the builders' org structure. There are strict permissions of who can access what reports.
  • The design needs to work with large national builders with 1000+ communities and small builders with 20 communities.
  • We focused on these solutions:

    Various data visualizations for different types of data.
    An easy way to compare metrics
    A filter lets users drill down from corporation to community following their org structure.



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