UX/UI + Research

Concierge is a web application designed for sales reps at Zillow to connect real estate buyers and agents, and help them communicate instantly.

Project Type

Internal tools


The customer support team plays an essential role in connecting real estate agents and home buyers. We want to provide a tool for the team to work more efficiently.

Empathize & Define

It's crucial to fully understand our customer support team's workflow. For qualitative research, I sat down next to my colleagues and watched them work. I learned about what they do and how they work. I also learned what they think and how they feel by asking questions.

Market Research

I looked at competitors' products and learned about their different features, and assessed if any of those would be a good fit for our product.


Since we want to test ideas with the phone system, quick turnarounds are essential during the ideation phase. I used sketches to discuss ideas and options.

Challenges & Solutions

The userflow is similar to call center interaction but more complex. The key feature here is connecting calls between consumer and agent. The complicated part is that users need a lot of information while talking to consumers and agents. We decided to focus on two things:

  • Clear indications of call states
  • A layout relfects users' workflow
  • Design

    I use Figma for design and prototype. View prototype


    For this project, we need to test it with the phone system. There was no time for wireframing or prototyping. We turned around quickly to test it in a QA environment. Iteration is critical.

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