UX + Visual Design

Approv is a cross-platform application that allows users to search and compare mortgage interest rates online and get pre-approval quickly.

Project Type

Loan application


Loan application is a long and tedious process. Our mission is to streamline the process and provide users with a simple, reliable, trustworthy platform.

Empathize & Define

We interviewed some potential users and learned their pain points in the general pre-approval process. Based on the learnings, I created user flows for different tasks.

I worked with developers to define the structure of the features we offered.

Market Research

We looked at some competitors and learned how their products work and their features.

Challenges & Solutions

The interface needs to display a large amount of information. At the same time, it needs to be intuitive and easy to navigate. After assessing technical efforts and business goals, we decided to focus on three aspects:

  • Create an easy-to-follow process to help users get pre-approval.
  • Provide relevant market information with dynamic data visualization for users to get more insights.
  • Embedd various ways for users to get the support they needed at any time.
  • Ideation

    In the ideation phase, we tried out different ways for navigation, compared different overall layouts, thought through the pre-approval process, and simplified it.


    Designs and prototypes are done in Figma. View prototype

    Pre-approval process

    We streamlined the pre-approval process with clear step indicators. We decided to use progressive disclosure to reduce cognitive load and simplify the UI.

    Search rates interaction

    We provided an easy way for users to explore different options and save loan scenarios and set up alerts for their saved rates.

    Rate trend interaction

    We provide an easy way for users to see the connection between rates and closing costs.

    Interacting with data on mobile is always challenging. I designed a controller that allows users to operate efficiently with fingers.

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