UX + Visual Design + Branding

Crowdy is an iOS app that allows users to set up chants for events and chant with friends synchronically. It's mainly used by college students and sports fans.

Project Type

Entertainment (iOS)


The goal is to provide users(sports fans) with a tool to enhance their chanting experience.


  • Timing is key in this experience. We need to make sure everyone chants the same words at the same time.
  • We need to provide easy ways for users to create a chant, and find a chant to follow.
  • Solutions

  • We created a countdown screen for everyone to get ready to chant.
  • Phone vibration is triggered when the time is up. So if users are not looking at the phone, they will be reminded by the vibration.
  • We provided recording feature to make it easier fir users to create, share and reuse the chants.
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